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Time management, resilience & self help books - Top ten (Part One)

We all want to be successful at our jobs and our life sometimes things can hold us back. Our toxic habits, self limiting beliefs, trying to motivate ourselves and those voices in our head that stop us achieving. As a coach, facilitator and trainer I often get asked for tips on building self confidence, being more effective and overcoming adversity. These are the books I constantly refer to and read myself when I need a boost of motivation.

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The 5 Second Rule is the secret to changing anything about your life. You can use the Rule and its countdown method to break any bad habit, interrupt self-doubt and negative self-talk, and push yourself to take the actions that will change your life.

If you struggle with motivation..., If you are tired of doubting yourself...If you know what you want but can't make yourself go get it...

It's a simple tool, backed by research, and it has changed the lives of millions. It will work for you too.

In the book, you'll learn the inspiring and relatable story of how Mel invented the 5 Second Rule during the worst moment of her life, when her anxiety and finances were so bad, she could barely get out of bed. Since creating the Rule, Mel has shared it with audiences around the world, the most respected brands, and people who want to make real and lasting change.

Easy. Accessible. Science-backed. Proven.

I love hearing practical, down to earth advice from those that have been there, usually it also means you can pick up the book whenever you want for some inspiration.

"A wonderful book and very timely. It will help people of all ages" - Clare Balding OBE

Learn from each of our extraordinary contributors, from the worlds of business, sport, the arts, and intellectual leadership, as they explain in their own words the fundamental principles and values that any individual can follow, to achieve real and lasting success in life.

Discover exactly how we can create the best version of ourselves, so that we can navigate our journey towards success and fulfilment with confidence and direction.

Whether you're a parent wishing to inspire your children to find their purpose and passion, or if you are simply looking to accelerate your own career, you will find this book jam-packed with valuable, practical, and concentrated advice.

The book is well-written and easy to understand, in it James Clear breaks down the science of habit formation into practical and actionable steps. He also explains the concept of atomic habits, which are small, incremental changes that have a compounding effect over time. This approach makes habit change more manageable and sustainable. He dives deep into the psychology behind habit formation, exploring topics such as cue, craving, response, and reward. He provides practical strategies for creating and reinforcing positive habits while breaking free from negative one, though it can be repetitive at times.

In this practical and easy-to-use book, you will discover:

The best way to calm an overactive mind to keep it from overwhelming you. How your thoughts create your feelings and decide your reality. How to make decisions without getting bogged down by analysis paralysis and procrastination

How to identify what triggers your overthinking so you can catch yourself before it takes over. How you can stop your overthinking tendencies by replacing them with healthier habits.

Insightful reflection questions to help you understand yourself and what’s going on inside you. Action steps, exercises, and simple techniques to reduce anxiety, work on your thoughts, and feel better quickly

Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith shares all the skills you need to get through life's ups and downs. Filled with secrets from a therapist's toolkit, this is a must-have handbook for optimising your mental health. Dr Julie's simple but expert advice and powerful coping techniques will help you stay resilient no matter what life throws your way. Written in short, bite-sized entries, you can turn straight to the section you need and immediately find the appropriate tools to help.

- Managing anxiety

- Dealing with criticism

- Battling low mood

- Building self-confidence

- Finding motivation

The book’s title and main metaphor, “eat that frog,” emphasizes the importance of prioritizing tasks, tackling the most significant and unpleasant tasks first. By “eating the frog” as the first thing on your list, you set yourself up for a productive day, knowing that the hardest part is already behind you.

Tracy outlines 21 strategies for overcoming procrastination, each accompanied by actionable tasks aimed at helping readers improve their productivity. These strategies are suitable for various individuals, regardless of their profession or personal life.

It's easy to read and will totally change your mindset, heklp you get the worst jobs done first!

This is a book about self-sabotage. Why we do it, when we do it, and how to stop doing it—for good. By extracting crucial insight from our most damaging habits, building emotional intelligence by better understanding our brains and bodies, releasing past experiences at a cellular level, and learning to act as our highest potential future selves, we can step out of our own way and into our potential. For centuries, the mountain has been used as a metaphor for the big challenges we face, especially ones that seem impossible to overcome. To scale our mountains, we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma, building resilience, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.

This is a really practical book on how to gain mental toughness, with exercises to help gain long term change. It's a step-by-step training program for toughening your mind against adversity. You'll learn how to persevere when life become difficult and your circumstances deviate from your plans. You'll discover how to handle pressure, control your impulses, and endure the emotional and psychological distress that accompany misfortune. You will learn the

the top 7 traits mentally-tough people adopt to conquer any problem they encounter. How mental toughness is closely entwined with emotional mastery (as well as the importance of self-awareness and empathy). 5 daily habits you must embrace to strengthen your mind and harden your resolve

Why willpower and motivation are unreliable (and how mental toughness trumps both!)

How Navy SEALs develop mental toughness (and 5 surprising tactics they employ to do so).

In this book you’ll discover how to deal with your fears, overcome negative thoughts, relieve stress, and stop your overthinking for good. What you should expect along the journey of practicing the techniques and strategies throughout this book is to be aware of where your mental chatter comes from, and how to address it.

Stop worrying about what you did today and start living in the moment. Stop living for tomorrow and start breathing in the positivity of today. Stop overthinking your future and make big changes to live your future now. What you’ll learn:

  • How to Control Overthinking and Eliminate Negative Thoughts in Just a Few Minutes.

  • 10 Powerful Tactics to Stop Worrying Permanently.

  • How to Sleep Better, Even if Your Head Is Full of Thoughts.

  • Simple Tips to Develop Self-Confidence and Decision-Making Skills.

  • 5 Ways to Calm Worrying in Five Minutes or Less.

I loved this book, as it has such great examples and stories to illustrate Fixed and growth mindset. It's an effective and easy to read explanation of mindsets and their impact on limiting behaviours which is supported by interesting and relevant case studies. it explored how we can have a fixed or growth mindset and how that can impact your success. It can help you identify behavioural patterns and trigger a thought process on how to shift your mindset, if you see this what you need to do in order to improve. It’s not a motivational book, but rather a pragmatic one, based on research.



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