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Everything Paper - Post it notes - Top Ten

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When 3M launched the humble Post it note in 1980 in their trade mark yellow ( because they had a surplus of yellow paper in the stationary cupboard) having been invented by Art Fry a year earlier, they could never have imagined that they would eventually be sold in every shape, size and colour and become their biggest selling product. As facilitators we know why they are so successful, they are great for group activities, adding to boards and they give the the flexibility to move information around. They can mark places in books, files, keep us organised and even remind us to buy bread. With over 10,000 to choose from on Amazon alone, I have scoured their site and other outlets to give you the best reviewed and my personal choices.

Here are my top ten favourites starting from small to giant. Let's start with my cannot live without Post it Highlighter Pen with Built-in Index Flag Dispenser

5 x Scotch 3M Post-it® Highlighter Pen with Built-in Index Flag Dispenser

These are so hard to find, you cannot get them in Amazon or Rymans but after searching I found them on eBay.

They are so handy to have in my pencil case, as I can just grab it when I am reading a book, yes I still read paper copies of books! and then highlight pages as I am reading them and see a passage or quote that is particularly good and then use the pen to highlight the section or sentence itself. Whenever I use them in client meetings they always want to steal them, they make great give aways.

If you prefer a more stylish vibe to add to your notebooks these Korean stationary inspired tabs are lovely.

I buy them to match my notebooks, especially as I have different books for clients and projects.

Great for flashcards, they can peel off and re-stick, they also have a 4.6 rating.

I love to mix the colours, these send a message immediately when people walk in the room. It says this session may be more fun than normal.

They will also appeal to your visual learners.

If you prefer the green option, these post it notes are made from recycled paper.

Beware they are smaller than the average post it notes but super sticky so don't fall off.

There are even Post it notes for people that don't like paper sticky notes. These are post it note size, dry erase and can be reused.

I often use these as reminders in my office as it saves paper and is kinder to the planet.

To add variety these are great for team building or when you want to highlight a particular set of behaviours that you would like your delegates or pupils to exhibit

These slightly larger ( postcard size) lined pads are great for more structured answers and when you want to add post it's to your notes. This will help keep them neat and legible

I always have some of these in my notebooks, so I can highlight my to do list.

Also at the front of reports or presentations to remind me what I have left to do to complete the task, or to take with me on the day.

This is another item that often gets "stolen" when I bring them out, my -clients just love them. These are giant post it's, bigger than an A4 but smaller than a flipchart.

These are great for group facilitation and board strategy.

How often have you arrived on site to facilitate a session and they n longer use flip charts or they have no paper.

These are a great back up, and as they are super sticky but don't leave marks they can be stuck on most surfaces, unlike Blu Tac.

Don't forget to take a look at my pen blog here, for all things pens, markers, and coloured pencils.


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